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U.S. Figure Skating Clubs

As a member of U.S. Figure Skating, you have the opportunity to participate in our Club Incentive Program to receive special offers to purchase discount tickets to 2018 Skate America! Read the offer below to learn how to participate.


Help your club earn great rewards by participating in the U.S. Figure Skating Club Incentive program. Use your designated club discount code and purchase four or more all-event tickets to Skate America at the reduced price of $95!


Don't have a code? Ask your U.S. Figure Skating club president what your club's code is.


If you are a club officer looking to set up your code, please contact the Angel Of The Winds Arena Box Office at 425-322-2645 ext 6 or by email at


If purchasing online, purchasers will be asked to list a U.S. Figure Skating Club affiliation and code at the end of the check-out process. Please be sure to complete this important step so that your purchase is affiliated with the proper skating club.


This exclusive offer ends on September 17. On that date, U.S. Figure Skating member clubs who are eligible to receive incentives based on ticket sales performance will be contacted by a representative at U.S. Figure Skating headquarters.


*Orders placed prior to the start of the program or without a club code cannot be applied toward this program.



What Can Clubs Earn Through the Program?

Below is a list of incentives that you can help your club earn by participating in this program.  


Sell 20 all-event tickets and receive:

Five (5) complimentary all-event Bronze Price Level tickets

Five (5) complimentary official event programs

Five (5) official event pins


Sell 40 all-event tickets and receive:

Ten (10) complimentary all-event Bronze Price Level tickets

Ten (10) complimentary official event programs

Ten (10) official event pins


Sell 80 all-event tickets and receive:

Fifteen (15) complimentary all-event Bronze Price Level tickets

Fifteen (15)  complimentary official event programs

Fifteen (15)  official event pins

Fifteen (15)  guests to attend a backstage tour (date and time TBD)


Sell 100 all-event tickets and receive:

Twenty (20) complimentary all-event Bronze Price Level tickets

Twenty (20) complimentary official event programs

Twenty (20) official event pins

Twenty (20) guests to attend a backstage tour (date and time TBD)

Two tickets to the 2019 U.S. Figure Skating Championships


Questions? Contact us at


*Discount ticket offer only valid for all-event, bronze level tickets purchased from April 11, 2018 through September 17, 2018. Tickets purchased on or after Sept. 17 will not be factored into the incentives awarded to your club.